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Driving School Course Information

What Our Driving School Will Teach You

Our driving school will teach you how to be a safe, cooperative, and defensive driver by working with master and advanced instructors both in the classroom and car. Be a safe, defensive, and collision free driver and drive SOLO in eight months!
Contact Us About Our Courses

Driving School MiltonWheels driving school classes are active, student-centered learning environments. Wheels uses innovative teaching methods to bring excitement, joy, and a problem solving atmosphere to learning best driving practices.

Wheels teaches our students how to be thinking drivers:

  • How to identify hazards
  • Application of vision skills
  • How to read traction while driving on the road
  • How to invest in a safe driving space
  • How to read other driver decisions
  • How to make appropriate speed decisons everyday you drive

What You Need to Know About Our Driving School Courses

Wheels will teach you both the knowledge and the thinking skills required to be a lifetime safe driver!

    • Class size: From 12 students to 24 students per class
    • Courses consist of: minimum 40 hours of ( 10 hours in-car , 20 hours in-class , 10 hours homelink )
    • In-car lessons have one instructor with one student
    • Learn how to be a defensive and cooperative driver:
      • Collision avoidanceDriving Lesson Milton
      • Night time driving
      • Hazard perception
      • Freeway driving
    • Preparation course available for the exit road test. Drive solo in eight months.
    • Wheels is a MTO-Approved BDE course provider ( MTO=Ministry of Transportation and BDE=Beginner Driver Education )
    • The “Driver’s Licence History” from MTO will provide proof of successful completion of and graduation from the BDE course offered at Wheels Driver Training and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion
    • Successful competion will reduce insurance premiums and teach you to use wheels road safety 14 point safety driving system.
    • Students are picked up and returned to home, school or work place for in car instruction
    • Ratio: one instructor and one student. Parents are welcome to observe classroom and have free driving assessment completed in their own car. 

Course Contact Information

After you are a licensed driver for one year, Wheels recommends that you take a one day course at Petro Canada Skid School in Oakville, as an excellent refresher course.

Classroom location: 245 Commercial Street, Milton, Ontario, L9T2J3

Classroom phone: 905-878-4135 or 905-878-4136

Classroom Fax: 519-856-4189